Welcome to a mini-course in KUNDALINIYOGA, one of the oldest forms of yoga, from which you have taken techniques that are widely used in healthcare today - Medical Yoga. You are given the opportunity to try an effective form of yoga that suits everyone, regardless of age or experience.
TRY: Saturday 27/1 or Sunday 28/1 at 10.30 - 12.00
Price: DKK 110
Course start: Saturday 3/2 or Sunday 4/2 at: 10.30 - 12.00
Price: 3 occasions of 90 min. 595 kr
For info and booking of a place, call Petrica Hedlund on tel. 070-770 20 91, petrica@time4yoga.se.
CUSTOMER YOGA - is a dynamic form of yoga that helps you get to know your body's energies and functions. You learn to breathe correctly, the nervous system and immune system are strengthened, your sleep becomes deeper. You learn to accelerate but also how to brake. With the help of yoga and meditation, you calm your body and your thoughts - you land in harmony. Breathing right and creating with intention is the best gift you can give yourself - a craft for life!
Our new course leader Petrica Hedlund has led yoga courses since 2004 at Hälsoproffsen in Norrviken, Hembygdsgården in Runby Upplands Väsby, at Friskvårdscoacherna in Infra City and Messingen Upplands Väsby. She coaches in breathing, presence & inner leadership and also works with yoga for companies. She is Int. certified and certified Yoga and meditation teacher at KRI The Kundalini Research Institute through the IMY Institute of Medical Yoga.
Warm welcome!