Yesterday we had a visit from two exciting politicians from Knivsta, both deeply involved in the sustainable society of the future. Extra fun that they represent C and M, which for me was more unusual (when it comes to sustainability issues). We found that there are so many clouds of unrest that are gradually building up linked to, among other things, sustainable food supply, health, finances and security. With rapidly shrinking arable land, an increasing population, heavily indebted households, shaky economies, the spread of chemicals and other challenging sustainability issues, there is reason to think about the change we will face.

TimeforchangeIt is impossible to constantly have growth on a finite planet.

To keep the mood and commitment up, we also talked about what opportunities we ourselves have to influence our own livelihood opportunities. Both of these gentlemen have their own farms with a strong degree of self-sufficiency. It therefore feels exciting to live in the country yourself and gradually learn more about farming, animal husbandry, energy conversion and creating several different alternative sources of income.

A tip if you want to know more about the change we have to make, is to listen to an environmental professor Johan Rockström's summer talk. So good!