Vår tupp Ernst

Rooster Ernst is now in rooster heaven.

Our nice rooster Ernst, it has turned out, has a number of flaws that make us forced to make the decision to end his life for him. It is mainly about weak legs and eye inflammation. He simply does not have the opportunity to take on his role in the hen house as intended. When you talk to farmers or veterinarians about this, it is as crystal clear as icy cold - neck him immediately, nothing to waste time and money on. It's just a rooster! Hard to hear. It feels like roosters are one of the least wanted animals we have; I really hope they do not understand this themselves.

So today it happened; we took the help of an experienced animal walker (the process can easily be seen on Youtube for those who are interested). I felt too hairy to do it myself, while I want to learn how to do it for the future. An action that has been taken at all times but which today feels very far away for most of us. And the meat then - well we thought it would be in the freezer and become a Coq au vin later this autumn. But our knowledgeable helper did not recommend making food from sick roosters, so that was it.
Hope you are well in the rooster heaven now, Ernst!