MediYoga - Spring term Start 8 February 2020

Date and time
Date: 2020-02-08 - 2020-04-04
We start at 10:00, and end at 11:15

When: Saturdays 10.00 - 11.15
Start: 8/2 - End 4/4 (pause v 9)
Award: SEK 1,360 (8 times)

If: MediYoga is a soft therapeutic yoga form with a strong focus on breathing. Helps you reduce stress in body and mind while giving you more energy. The gentle movements in step with the breath help the body to find the "peace and quiet" response (parasympathetic nervous system), where healing and recovery takes place.

Swedish research on MediYoga shows good results on e.g. stress-related problems, back problems and sleep problems. Lowered blood pressure has also been demonstrated in research on MediYoga.
Mia attaches great importance to the stress-reducing effects.

For who: MediYoga is suitable for EVERYONE, both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. If you are completely new, it is recommended that you take the beginners' course in January and then continue with this spring semester course.

Teacher: Anna Maria (Mia) is a Mediyoga Instructor, Stress Mentor, leg. nurse and has her own experience of healing from fatigue syndrome.

Booking is made via email to:
For booking conditions and more information, read further on Mia's website:

The number of places is limited. This autumn's course was fully booked and with several on the waiting list, so decide quickly if you want to be sure of a place.

Warm welcome!
Mia, Helene & Tord


The booking is closed for this event.