July 8: Wine tasting - Theme Bubble

Date and time
Date: 2022-07-08
We start at 19:00, and end at 22:00

Sparkling wines - the drink of the gods!

Wine in moderation is really one of the good things in life, and we think a good life is wonderful here at Herresta Lada. After a successful start to our new wine tasting series, we now get to meet our esteemed sommelier Annelie Bobinger again to continue guiding us in the wine's promised land. Annelie has extensive experience of holding wine tastings and solid knowledge of combining food and wine.

“For me, wine is more than just a drink; it's about traditions, history and the winemaker's own thoughts and ideas. That's what makes wine so fascinating! ”
says Annelie.

We focus entirely on this opportunity Sparkling wines, the drink of the gods! Together we try and compare these mythical drinks. We will also learn more about the bubble and what we should think about when we buy it next time. For example: What is the difference between Champagne, Cava and Prosecco? Why is there such a big price difference between different sparkling drinks?

The following is included during the evening:

• Tasting of 4 good wines based on the evening's theme
• Lighter food and snacks to combine with the wines
• Introduction, guidance and inspiration from Annelie during the wine tasting
• Plenty of space for conversations, questions and tips now that we have an expert on site
• Comfortable togetherness in a pleasant environment
• Sale of evening wines by the glass after tasting

Date, time and place

Friday, July 8 at 19.00 to approx. 22.00. And if you want to stay for a while, you can do so, until no later than 23.00. The event takes place at Herresta Lada in Odensala.


You pay SEK 695 for the whole evening. The number of participants is limited to 30 people.

How to register

We need to receive your registration no later than 1 July. Registration can easily be done via email to tord@herrestalada.com. You then confirm your registration by swishing in the current amount to 0702011430 (Tord Olsson).
Take the opportunity to invite good friends, family members or relatives you want to meet this summer and have fun together at the table. Or maybe invite your work team to work. Maybe it can also be a perfect gift for yourself or a friend?

A warm welcome to a fun evening!

Annelie with the Herresta team Tord & Heléne