In our subconscious, many of us have a penchant for flowering meadows and in advertising, these images are often kept alive for us by standing for a good environment and security. Nowadays, however, it is unusual to see a variety of meadow flowers in the same place. The reason is that grazing cows have moved from the meager pastures and meadows to the fertile arable land. They do not get enough energy on the lean land so that it is enough for their enormous production of milk. Spruce plantations have instead taken over the old meadows and the arable land now usually borders directly on the forest - the pastures are gone and thus also the space for the meadow flowers.

Blivande äng på Herresta Lada

Future meadow at Herresta Lada

But now it has become a renaissance for the flower meadow! Many municipal park administrations now allow certain lands to become flower meadows. The Swedish Transport Administration has now stopped spraying road edges, which in many places has had an astonishingly positive effect. Today, specialists have even been hired to make the roadsides as rich in species as possible.

Now the goal is to get a flourishing beautiful meadow here at Herresta Lada too! It is not so easy, I have understood, but shame on the one who gives up. It takes from three to eight years before the meadow is in full bloom, which is due to changing the biotope from one ecosystem to another. Patience is thus the key word; not my best branch unfortunately 😉