What is the park course PREP?

PREP is a course in how to better communicate in a relationship. The course gives you and your partner concrete tools to more easily cope with a life together and also involves personal development. You and your partner gain insights that bring you closer together. The course is not therapy or crisis management, but a review and training of a number of simple methods that can help you as a couple to develop and thrive together.

Some of the main themes of the course:

  • Develop one trusting communication
  • Cherish security and faith in the future
  • Take advantage and develop it positive in the relationship
  • Learn handle conflicts in a safe way
  • Deepen closeness and desire

PREP is based on over 30 years of relationship research, primarily in the United States, and is religiously and politically independent.

Studies show that couples who have taken a PREP course are more satisfied with their relationship, communicate better and the risk of separation decreases. Several of the effects have been measured long after the couples have taken the PREP course.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at ordinary couples who want to invest a little extra in their relationship. The course is suitable for all couples, regardless of age and time together. A common reason to take the course is that you feel that you are stuck in old ruts and want to find new ways forward - together. Another reason we hear is that together we want to build a good start in a new relationship.

The course is not therapy or crisis management, but you as a couple can simply talk about important topics and learn concrete conversation methods that help you feel better together.

How does the course work?

We who hold the course, Tord & Heléne, have held PREP courses for many years and we are also a couple. Originally, we took the course ourselves to create good habits in our own relationship. It was so good that we decided to become certified PREP leaders.

The course is structured around 13 different main themes in combination with several conversation tools that studies show are crucial for a successful couple relationship. We start from a workbook (which is included in the course fee) where all themes are described, with associated exercises. Some examples of themes are Each other's best supporter, Keep the joy alive, Communication and Speak / listen method and Four warning signals.

During the course, we gradually introduce each theme, after which you as a couple get to talk about how it is for you / you, and practice the different conversation tools. You therefore only work together with your partner to create security and learning for you and you together. We as course leaders sometimes go around and coach you individually to use the conversation tools in the best way.

Through the dialogues around these important themes, you as a couple will develop your awareness in your own relationship. Then, with the help of further exercises in the workbook, you can continue to train and develop at home after the course.

About the course leaders

We who hold the course, Heléne & Tord, have held PREP courses for many years and we are a couple ourselves. Originally, we took the course ourselves to create good habits in our own relationship. It was so good that we decided to train as certified PREP leaders. We hold both open courses and courses for various organizations, such as the Swedish Armed Forces. We are also certified coaches.

When and where - different options

We hold PREP courses several times a year. The course is given as a weekend course (Saturday and Sunday at 09.30 - 17.00 both days) with the possibility of overnight accommodation. 

You have the opportunity to choose between two main options;

- one where the course is located here at Herresta Lada, in the country between Stockholm and Uppsala. Here you will find a beautiful and relaxed environment, a tranquility and a stay in a charming, small course yard in the middle of a classic cultural landscape.

- one where the course is located at Stora Brännbo Konferens & Hotell in Sigtuna. Here you combine the park course with a slightly more luxurious layout with a seafood buffet and overnight stay.

For upcoming course dates here at Herresta Lada; see Calendar.

What does it cost?

Kurspriset för parkursen förlagd här på Herresta Lada är 2 595 kr/person. The price includes soup lunch, morning and afternoon coffee and fruit both days. Each participant also receives a solid workbook that the couple can continue to work with at home after the course. Maximum number of participating couples: 9 pieces.

If you wish to stay over at our pleasant course yard, a price will be added overnight with SEK 475 per person in a double room. The price includes breakfast. You bring your own sheets and towel. You can choose to cook dinner yourself in the shared, fully equipped kitchen, or you can eat at a restaurant, for example in cozy Sigtuna (10 km away).

Registration and course date

Call or email us if you want to sign up for any of the courses. Current course dates here at Herresta Lada can be found on the right and in our Calendar.

Around the PREP courses, we collaborate with the study association Sensus. More information is therefore also available at

Welcome to a park course where through all the years so far we have only met very positive and satisfied participants! Sign up well in advance if you want to be sure of a place, as we have recently had full courses with a queue list.

Kommande kurstillfällen

19-20 oktober: Parkurs i kommunikation

Datum: 2024-10-19 - 2024-10-20
Time: 09:30 - 17:00


What previous course participants said

Best course I have ever taken! All couples who want to invest in their relationship should go!

Trine, 43 years

Thanks to the material feeling so grounded in your relationship, the course really went in depth in a fantastically valuable way. The most important thing I have been through in a long time, so thank you!

Tullia, 39 years old

Soft, safe atmosphere. Good methods. Would be great for most couples!

Most rewarding was having dedicated time to talk and listen to each other. The strength, the magic, in what happens in us through the talk-listen method!

Male, 38 years