Solceller Herresta Lada

Reducing its energy costs and its electricity dependence is not an easy match, even if it is important. There are a lot of systems and suppliers if we, like us, start from direct-acting electricity and have several buildings. The first year's electricity cost came as a shock to us, which made us initially invest in insulation measures and a stove that gave a certain effect. But now it is approaching to find long-term sustainable and efficient energy solutions. Solar is completely free, but unfortunately not the installation of solar cells! Overall, however, it will be a good investment, especially if you can sell surplus electricity at a good price to your electricity supplier. The latter, however, seems tricky and uncertain. What is certain is that it takes an incredible amount of time to research and understand the alternatives and their various consequences - yet it feels like it's a bit of gambling to finally push the button and bet. But we take it step by step. Solar cells on a 30 m long barn roof will in any case be the first step. Hope more people dare to invest in solar cells on their residential roofs - in Germany now 1/3 of all energy production is green (from wind or solar energy). We can if we want to.