Orpington höna på Herresta Lada

Orpington hen soon at Herresta Lada.

Soon we will have new inhabitants! Orpington is the name of the breed that will further gild Herresta Lada. Together with two neighbors, we now get "collective chickens" that we will take care of together. 5 hens and a rooster will be picked up on Sunday north of Uppsala, after a long and unexpectedly sluggish search. Chickens were much more of a scarce commodity than I imagined. The breed is winter hardy, calm and very social + that they should lay really well. The downside is that they like to incubate (which can make it interesting to take the eggs). It will be so exciting to be free and get to know these new crabs in the newly built hen house. Risk that they will become Scandinavia's most spoiled hens.