June 21: Develop yourself as a grower - hook on 2 more nights!

Date and time
Date: 2021-06-21
We start at 18:00, and end at 20:15

Join us for an entire garden year!

Herresta Lada has for some time had professional cultivation support from our gardener Erika at Grenwerk Trädgård & Blomster and has been both impressed and saved by both her knowledge and her wonderful personality. Maybe you have already been able to follow her post in 2020 on our Instagram or Facebook page "Herresta Lada".

You will now have the opportunity to follow us during the coming growing year 2021! Together with Erika, we invite you to 4 inspirational and learning opportunities about growing vegetables, herbs, berry bushes and fruit trees linked to different phases during the growing year. Join the two remaining opportunities:

  1. Seeding and pre-cultivation - 1 March
  2. Retraining and planting - 3 May
  3. Care, watering and plant protection - June 21 - IT'S GOOD TO TICK ON NOW !!!
  4. Harvest and storage - 30 August

Erika will:

  • Practical show how to work with different elements during the growing year
  • Tip about robust, simple crops to start or work on
  • Share smart methods, knowledge and experiences
  • Answer your questions

For who?

A warm welcome both to you who are a beginner or more experienced in cultivation, and regardless of whether you have a villa garden, balcony, allotment or other space to cultivate.

Course leader

Erika Johansson, gardener and Herresta Lada's own garden coach. Since 2013, Erika has run the company Grenwerk Trädgård & Blomster, a versatile garden company that plans, builds and manages small and large gardens. Read more and feel free to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Where and when?

Herresta Lada offers in collaboration with our gardener Erika four inspirational opportunities of 2 hours each. The meetings are held on Mondays between 18.00-20.15 (including break) well distributed over the growing season according to the following dates; March 1, May 3, June 21 and August 30.

So far we have seen Zoom. We hope to see you on site outdoors at Herresta Lada in June. If this is not possible for corona reasons, we will continue with Zoom meetings. Erika will show us how it works in practice, regardless of whether it takes place at Zoom or at Herresta. So we will not cancel, but follow the growing season and see how it grows!

Before each occasion, you will receive an email about suitable preparations so you can work actively with your own crops before, during or immediately after the meetings if you wish. In between, you can email in your questions which can then be raised at the meetings.

Price and registration

The price is SEK 395 at a time (if you did not buy all four occasions directly, with a discount). NOTE - it is possible to hook on even if you missed the first two opportunities!

Registration is via email to tord@herrestalada.com and confirmed after payment via Swish to 070-2011430 (Tord Olsson). The last day to register is 10 days before each meeting.

More information about the meetings

Below you can read about the main themes that are included in each meeting.

  1. Preparation and start-up - Seeding and pre-cultivation - Digital meeting via ZOOM
  • Equipment needs
  • Planning and drawing / sketch of cultivation areas
  • What do you want / can you grow and to order seeds
  • Seed sowing
  • Soil and nutrients
  • We are also looking forward to retraining and continued care
  1. Out into the ground - Retraining and planting - Digital meeting via Zoom
  • Softening
  • Planting
  • Direct sowing, Batch sowing
  • Co-planting (what fits together and strengthens against infestation)
  • We continue to look ahead with ongoing care
  1. Care, watering and plant protection - Carried out at Herresta Lada alt. via Zoom
  • Watering
  • Fertilization
  • Pests and weeds
  • So more!
  • We continue to look ahead with ongoing care
  1. Harvest and storage - Carried out at Herresta Lada alt. via Zoom
  • Harvest
  • Storage
  • Autumn use in cultivation
  • Experiences and lessons learned during the year
  • Upcoming growing year 2022, forward-looking and the next step

If there is interest, we are open to add another opportunity during the autumn with a specific focus on processing - ie how best to take care of and refine what we have grown and can not consume directly, for example by lactic acid, drying, adding, etc.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Tord.

Warm welcome!

Trädgårds-Erika with the Herresta team Tord & Heléne