Julmarknad 2016 HerrestaThis year's Christmas market with shop, exhibitors and organic café is over. As usual, we looked forward to receiving all guests, who happily find their way here despite the fact that we are on the vischan and are open relatively rarely. Being open is preceded by a lot of planning - the elves and other goods are ordered already in August after a tour of the Formex fair, exhibitors must be found and the café must be filled with home-baked goods. Mamma Barbro had baked the guests' favorite, smear cake on mint chocolate and I myself baked sponge cake and chocolate balls. Home-baked food buns etc. are delivered by our skilled baker Jenny in Kungsängen.

This year's weekends then offered extra challenges as the card payment system shut down in periods (coverage out here is deteriorated by winds - and winds did :-)). And payment via Swish dropped off all over the country. We and our customers nowadays rarely have cash on us, but it was solved through some flexibility… But not enough with that - the water suddenly dried up in the taps. What to do? We quickly went around to nice neighbors and fetched water. So everything worked out in the end! And now the well pump works again :-).

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us at Herresta!

Heléne o Tord, Herresta Lada