Environmental award 2016 to Herresta Lada for our organic café with 96 % organic ingredients.

Last year, we were clear winners in the municipality in terms of the proportion of organic ingredients in our café. Ekomatcentrum, in collaboration with Naturskyddsföreningen and Sigtuna municipality, annually conducts a study of the municipality's shops, restaurants, cafés and conference yards. Our café had a share of 96 % organic ingredients and was unthreatened at the top. Now it has happened again: our organic café wins the 2016 environmental award in its class!



Of course it feels heavenly fun and we aim for 100 %. The only thing that remains is that a few goods that are not yet available as organic, and that some goods can sometimes be sold out. We hope that in 2017 it will be possible to climb a little more.

Welcome to enjoy home baking in our café at our upcoming Christmas market! The first and second Advent weekend we are open Saturday-Sunday at 11-17 every day.