Date and time
Date: 2021-09-25
We start at 09:00, and end at 18:00

Our popular course for you who long for more spontaneity and inspiration in life!

For who? For those who want to try improvisational theater in combination with relaxing simple yoga sessions. The course is suitable for both beginners and those who have some experience - it works for everyone who is open and curious.

How? We do improvisation exercises together in a safe way. Exercises that promote creativity, playfulness, spontaneity and most important of all - to dare to try and make mistakes. The improvisation is interspersed with simple yoga sessions, which help you shift your focus from performance to presence and relaxation.

Where and when? We meet at Herresta Lada on Saturday 25 September 2021. We start at 9.00 and end at 18.00.

Award? The price for the course is SEK 2,100 (including VAT of 6 %). The price includes arrival coffee with sandwich, fruit bowl, vegetarian lunch and more stable afternoon coffee so you stand.

How do I register? Sign up by filling out the form below. Our previous course was fully booked, so if you want to be sure to get a place, sign up well in advance! If you have any questions, please call Sofia on tel. 073-658 11 66.
Warm welcome!

Corona and Herresta Lada - focus on security in everything we do
We do everything to make you feel completely safe here at Herresta Lada and of course follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations. Hand alcohol is always available and we have further strengthened our cleaning routines. We also expect you as a participant to do your part. Together we help each other!

More info

Impro-Sofia and Yoga-Astrid have combined their skills in a unique impro-yoga day.
It will be a day where you can both fly and land every other day. You get to experience the spontaneity and playfulness of the improvisation, safely guided in a completely performance-free environment. Improvisation is a way to gain access to your original creative power.

The reason we alternate the creative sessions with yoga and meditation exercises is that it creates a relaxed physical foundation and shifts your focus from the bud to the body.
Does that sound exciting or maybe a little scary? It does not matter, in the improvisation everything is confirmed, even the mistakes, and you have to make mistakes. So take the chance to try your creative wings to curiously explore yourself with others.

The host for this beautiful full day is Herresta Lada, with a scenic local environment, charming premises and good vegetarian food.

About Sofia Czinkoczky

Sofia discovered improvisation 20 years ago and has since worked professionally with improvisational theater in all possible contexts, including as an actress and artistic director at Stockholm's improvisational theater. She is an inspiring and positive impro teacher, with an ability to make the participants both want and dare more.
Sofia is a partner in Aktör Edutainment, a creative education company that performs interactive theater and holds courses in communication and presentation technology for organizations and companies.

About Astrid Björk

Astrid is a multifaceted yoga teacher from Norrland, with over 10 years of experience as a yoga instructor in both Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow and Yinyoga. As a teacher, she is sensitive, attentive and down to earth, and she meets the participants where they are for the day. She has her own forum Yoga Obscura and has, among other things, developed the concept of metal yoga. She works everyday as a yoga instructor at Rosa Skrot and has yoga as wellness at several companies in Stockholm.

About Heléne Zachrison

Heléne Zachrison is a behavioral scientist and has been working for many years as an organizational consultant and coach, on the theme of leadership development in various forms (Read more). In parallel, she runs the course yard Herresta Lada with her husband Tord, where they hold popular couple courses in communication and wellness for the relationship. Heléne has a special focus on trusting and honest communication as a basis for good relationships, good leadership and teamwork. Heléne is responsive, open and loves to make people feel comfortable and land in the soothing Herresta Lada.


2 100.00 kr