Date and time
Datum: 2023-10-12
We start at 18:00, and end at 20:00

An evening where you can relax and enjoy vibrant and powerful gong play!

Den 12 oktober 2023 gästas vi igen av populäre Mattias Sundman. Han är sedan länge en erfaren instruktör inom yoga, meditation och specifikt avslappning via gongspel, så kallat ”gongbad” med vibrationer bl a från en 1 meter stor Gong-Gong!! Senast var kvällen fullbokad.

The evening begins with softening and warming your body with a few simple exercises, before we move on to the gong game. It happens under felt at rest. The waves of sound from the Gong are like an inner massage, it affects the mind so you can end up in a state between sleep and wakefulness which really calms the mind. This, together with the gong's vibrations, which enter the body, helps the body's self-healing ability to dissolve tension and stress. After a Gongpass, you normally feel relaxed and can grab things with new energy and creativity! With this behind you, you will be replenished both physically and emotionally. No experience or special conditions are required to participate. The passport will, if the weather permits, be kept outdoors.

During the evening:

• Introduction, guidance and support from Mattias
• Borrow a yoga mat to lie on
• Initial relaxation with a few simple yoga exercises
• Relaxing meditation during the sound of the gong games
• A test session if you want to stay and integrate the experience into you, after the session
• Comfortable setting and togetherness in a pleasant rural environment

Take with you:

• Soft clothes
• Possibly own blanket
• Water bottle

Om det är kallt ute tag gärna på dig lite extra, då en del har upplevt det lite svalt på golvet.

Date, time and place

Torsdagen den 12 oktober Gongpass kl. 18.00 – 20.00, därefter testund efteråt för dom som vill. The event takes place at Herresta Lada in Odensala. For directions, see Google Maps "Herresta Lada".

Vi kommer att bjuda in till gongbad en sista gång under 2023: den 23 november. Skriv in i almanackan redan nu!

Price and registration

You pay SEK 495 including VAT. OBS! Deltagarantalet är begränsat till 20 personer. Om du vill vara säker på en plats anmäl dig i god tid, då vi har haft fullbokat varje gång.

Take the opportunity to invite good friends, relatives or others you think may be interested.

Vi behöver ha in din anmälan senast tre dagar innan. Anmälan kan enkelt göras via mail till You then confirm your registration by swishing in the current amount to 0702011430 (Tord Olsson).

A warm welcome to experience a "gong bath" with an open and curious mind!

Gong-Mattias with the Herresta team Tord & Heléne

More about Mattias

Mattias Sundman is a trained Gong Master and Yoga teacher and has played Gong for over 7 years. He holds regular corporate events and various classes throughout Stockholm. He is also often involved in various events, festivals and also holds trainings. Mattias loves to share his passion with Gongen and always plays from the heart and for world peace. Read more about him at: